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Who are Scenic River Cruises?

Scenic have over 30 years’ experience creating unforgettable river cruises in Europe.  They are all inclusive, so all tipping and gratuities have been included in the cost of the cruise.  They will not even ask for your credit card when checking in.

All inclusive travel is easy and will not cost a penny extra, whether it be flying from 14 regional airports or direct from Heathrow or Gatwick, but if you prefer to travel by rail a No-fly return journey by Eurostar option is available on selected itineraries.

River Cruises Overview

8 to 15 day itineraries cruising on the Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle are available, including Danube and Rhine Christmas Markets

8 to 13 day itineraries cruising on the French Rivers – Saone, Rhone, Seine and Bordeaux

8 and 11 day cruises are round trip Porto on the Douro River in Portugal

18 day cruises in Russia on the Volga, Neva rivers and Moscow Canal

River cruises on the Mekong or Irrawaddy in South East Asia are available also.


Scenic Fleet in Europe

Scenic Gem – built in 2014, 128 passengers, crew 44. Berlitz River Cruising Guide 4 star plus

Scenic Sapphire & Diamond – built in 2008/2009 and rebuilt in 2017, 151 passengers, 53 crew. Berlitz Guide 4 star

Scenic Azure – built 2016, 96 passengers, 36 crew. Berlitz Guide 4 star

Scenic Ruby and Pearl – built 2009/2011, rebuilt 2019, 161 passengers, 55 crew. Berlitz Guide 4 star

Scenic Crystal, Jewel & Jade – built 2012/2013/2014, rebuilt in 2019, 165 passengers, 55 crew. Berlitz Guide 4 star plus

Scenic Jasper, Opal & Amber – built 2015/2016 and rebuilt in 2019, 165 passengers, 55 crew. Berlitz Guide Jasper and Opal 4 star plus with Amber being 4 star

Scenic Tsar – reconstructed and renovated in 2012, 112 passengers, 71 crew, delivers the ultimate in Russian river cruising


Scenic Culinaire is available on the waterways of Bordeaux and the Rhone and Saone Rivers on board Scenic Sapphire or Diamond. Scenic have transformed an area to include a cooking station and a fresh product fridge.  Explore the finest local ingredients whilst shopping with the chef and create recipes in private cooking classes. Using fresh ingredients and featuring the wine and cheese cellar, this is the perfect way of a guest immersing themselves in French gastronomy with tastings at the conclusion of each class. Lessons cater exclusively for up to 10 guests to ensure an intimate experience. Plenty of sessions are scheduled throughout the cruise, however with exclusive numbers, participants are encouraged to register their interest early while on board.



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