Luxury Adriatic Cruises

The Adriatic Coast is the Northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most stunning cruise destinations that you can ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

When you think ‘blue sea’, a tranquil sea that glistens in the sun and laps against the shorelines is what you want to see as you look down into the clear water and see an abundance of sea life swimming by. This is what you will experience with a cruise along the Adriatic Coast; the Adriatic Coast is known as the most wonderful sea in the world and for good reason.

At Deluxe Cruises, we have an abundance of cruise lines that will take you on an Adriatic luxury cruise including:Adriatic Cruise


Cruising Through the Adriatic Seas

As you cruise through the sapphire waters that roll onto the brilliant white beaches of Montenegro, there is no shortage of ancient architecture, quaint fishing villages and stunning islands that are waiting for you. These towns are full of charm as you experience an array of cultures that will leave you begging for more. During your Adriatic cruise, you should take the opportunity to explore:

  • Dubrovnik (Croatia) – This city will take you back to the medieval era with the city walls that have remained intact for centuries. During your visit to the town, you can expect to see baroque buildings and white limestone streets as you explore the bustling markets.
  • Kotor (Montenegro) – This small republic in Montenegro will have your jaw dropping to the floor when you port. As you sail into the port you will be greeted with green mountains and lakes that surround some of the most exquisite homes fit for millionaires. Be sure to make a visit to ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’; one of Montenegro’s most popular attractions, this unique island church set just in front of a Perast, a UNESCO Heritage protected town.
  • Split (Croatia) – If you pick the right Adriatic cruise, you will be one of the lucky people that get to stop off at the busy town of Split. Whilst in this lively town, cruisers can be taken to the busy harbour where you can experience a boat trip to visit some of Croatia’s 1000 islands that are dotted around the Adriatic Coast.
  • Balkans (Southeast Europe) – Want to see some medieval monuments? The oldest city monuments in the Balkans welcomes curious coastal visitors that take a break from their cruise ships.
  • Venice (Italy) – Italy is famous all around the world for its food, wine and history. Within your Adriatic Cruise, you might have the opportunity to explore Venice and experience luxury 5-star dining.
  • Corfu Town (Corfu) – Known as the Emerald Isle, the colourful flowers, luscious green landscapes and golden sandy beaches will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. In this popular cruise destination, Corfu Town has an abundance of shore excursions including Bella Vista and the Archilleion Palace that you will never forget.


When to go on an Adriatic Cruise?

A luxury Adriatic cruise is best experienced in the summer months of June, July and August where the coastal towns and cities come to life and tourists can bask in the hot summer weather. Late spring and early autumn are also good times to go on an Adriatic cruise if you want to steer away from the hustle and bustle of the summer season. Anytime between April and October will ensure that you enjoy a cruise of a lifetime along the Adriatic Coast.


Experiencing your Adriatic Cruise with Deluxe Cruises

At Deluxe Cruises, you can find the perfect Adriatic cruise on luxury cruise liners for solo travellers, families, groups and couples. We can help you find the perfect cruising package that will feature some of the highlights around the Adriatic Sea. Below, you will find our upcoming cruises in the Adriatic Coast with full itineraries.


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