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Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world. With the rich culture and the diversity of nature waiting to greet you, it’s no wonder that Africa cruises are increasing in popularity.

Within an Africa cruise, there is something to captivate and entertain even the most demanding of travellers. With so much to do in Africa, your cruise ship with just be your means of travel as you experience an abundance of shore excursions. But that doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of activities to enjoy on your cruise ship.

Here at Deluxe Cruises, these luxurious cruise lines will ensure that you have the perfect cruise around Africa:Africa Cruise


What to Expect with a Cruise Around Africa?

There is a variety of cruise options that include Africa here at Deluxe Cruises. Because Africa is so vast, most Africa cruises will be a long duration, however, there are cruises which hug the West African Coast, visiting many interesting countries and cities before heading over the Atlantic to Miami and beyond.

You can expect to see breath-taking sights at every turn, from the grandeur of Table Mountain in Cape Town to South Africa’s safari parks and the stunning Cape Winelands. There are plenty of opportunities to visit ex-colonial cities and ports with rich histories and the opportunity to watch migrating whales swim alongside you.

You won’t be disappointed with any aspect of your shore excursions in Africa; however, you can be sure to experience luxurious sea days onboard your cruise ship. On our 5 and 6 star cruise ships, you will be truly pampered at every moment that you spend in the African sea.


Top Places to Visit During your Cruise Around Africa

With there being so many wonderful places to explore in Africa and things to do on your cruise ship, it can be all too easy to miss the best of what Africa has to offer. Africa features a sense of adventure throughout and romantic backdrops that you can only ever dream of and on an Africa cruise, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to visit:

  • Alexandria – How many people can say that they’ve seen one of the seven wonders of the world? Within Alexandria, Egypt, you will be visiting the greatest ancient city in the world that is home to the pyramids and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, memories that you will never forget.
  • Madagascar – Madagascar is the island that almost everyone in the world has heard of. With it being the only place in the world that is home to lemurs and a vast number of other species, a cruise can see you enjoy a day out in Madagascar as you take a break away from the sun underneath the treetops.
  • Mauritius – Are you a couple enjoying a nice romantic cruise around Africa together? Mauritius is an African island that is a popular honeymoon destination, why take a full holiday there when you can enjoy an overnight stay and view the underwater waterfall as part of your African cruise?
  • Accra, Ghana – Being on an African cruise, you’ve got the opportunity to cruise around the coastline of Africa including the city of Accra, offering a large stretch of golden beaches to relax underneath the sun.
  • Big Five Safaris – You can’t visit Africa without experiencing a safari and visiting the ‘big 5’ is one of the most memorable things you can ever experience. Take a day onshore to watch the daily lives of leopards, lions, buffalos, elephants and rhinos up-close and personal within Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Cape Winelands – As you are cruising around the coast of Africa, many cruise ships will stop at the port of Cape Town and you may have a few days to explore all the activities that it has to offer. If you’re a wine lover, the Cape Winelands can’t be missed, and you will taste some of the most exquisite wines in the entire world.


When to go on a Cruise Around Africa

Most cruises that include Africa in their itinerary will cruise between January and March. You can expect to experience hot and humid weather most of the time on your cruise around Africa. However, if you want to experience a more temperate climate, then South Africa will offer this.


Your African Cruise with Deluxe Cruises

Here at Deluxe Cruises, we are the home for all luxury cruises, including a vast array of cruises that will sail around the coast of Africa. Whichever part of Africa that you want to visit and whichever luxury cruise line you want to travel with, Deluxe Cruises can help you find the perfect African cruise for you. Below, you can view upcoming cruises that include Africa with full itineraries.


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