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Why not experience a different style of cruise and go on an Antarctica cruise? This cruise is for people that love nature, history and want to see breath-taking sights that have only been lightly captured on documentaries.

Antarctica Cruise

Taking a cruise to the 7th continent of the world, Antarctica is truly a once in a lifetime experience as only recently have we got the technologically advanced cruise ships that can navigate deep into these icy waters. The cruise lines that can offer these remarkable Antarctica cruises are:


Embark on the Voyage of a Lifetime in Antarctica

Until recently, the lands of Antarctica remained a mystery with the strong winds, scattered ice caps and icy temperatures keeping explorers at bay. Now, you can enjoy a breath-taking cruise around Antarctica as you experience pampering and exquisite foods, while you watch some of the finest nature displays on earth form the comfort of the cruise ship.

Once the ice caps have melted to allow safe passage for your cruise ship, you will see an abundance of wildlife flock to the waters as the sea has been populated by krill; the largest feeding display on earth. The krill are the start of a mass food event that has a long food chain and during your Antarctica cruise, may be able to spot:

  • A Variety of Whales – Coming to feed on the krill, you may be able to spot blue, right, sei, minke, humpback, fin and sperm whales all gathering as they work together to drive krill into each other’s mouths.
  • Penguins – For the duration of your time at sea in Antarctica, you’re certain to see many different species of penguins including the Adelie, Chinstrap, Emperor and Gentoo penguins. These magnificent birds look clumsy on land as they waddle on the sea ice and fall over each other. When they enter the sea to catch fish for their young they completely transform; penguins weave and dive with a sense of elegance and grace that can look as if they’re putting on a spectacular show just for you.
  • Seabirds – On your Antarctica cruise, look to the sky and there are many species of birds that you may see. Skuas are like the seagulls of Antarctic; they’re commonly seen taunting other birds to steal away their prey. Antarctic Terns are one of the most elegant flyers as they fly over your cruise ship with their swept-back wings and graceful forked tails. If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot a beautiful albatross.
  • Seals – On land and underneath the sea, you may see species of seals including Fur, Weddell, Crabeater and Elephant seals all lounging on glaciers of ice, some with calves on their bellies.
  • Breeding Grounds – Summer in Antarctica is the time of year where new-born pups are born into the world. During your Antarctica cruise, you will pass the breeding grounds of penguins, albatross’, seals and whales, so make sure your camera is at the ready to take pictures of the first moments these young animals have in the world.


Shore Excursions on an Antarctica Cruise

Much of an Antarctica cruise will be witnessing the magnificent nature displays from the comfort of your cruise ship. However, there are opportunities to explore land when you visit:

  • Half Moon Island – This is a popular landing site for many cruise ships, and you get the chance to see striking glacial mountains.
  • Aitcho Islands – These islands are enclosed by ice for 8 months of the year and become possible to visit in December. As you step on land to begin your exploration, you will be greeted by many Chinstrap penguins and maybe even Gentoo penguins.
  • Deception Island – Have you ever seen an active volcano up close? During your Antarctica cruise, you may get to step onto the caldera of an active volcano on this spectacular island.
  • Paradise Bay – Ringed by hanging ice cliffs and dotted with icebergs, your journey towards Paradise bay will be nothing short of magnificent before stepping on lands that so few have ventured into.
  • Port Lockroy – This fantastic port is a place where humans have integrated with the penguin’s colonies with a permanent base on the port. There is even a post office here if you wish to send letters to your family and friends during your luxury Antarctica cruise.


When to go on an Antarctica Cruise?

During the winter of Antarctica, much of the sea is frozen making it impossible to navigate through the waters; therefore, cruise ships will only operate in Antarctica between November and March where the temperatures are bearable, and the sheets of ice have melted.


Exploring Antarctica with Deluxe Cruises

Antarctica is one of the most extraordinary places on earth which is home to rarely seen nature displays. Going on a luxury Antarctica cruise is the highlight of a lifetime as you are taken aback by the earth in its rawest form. Here at Deluxe Cruises, we are your specialist travel agency that can offer you a place on board the worlds’ most luxurious Antarctica cruise ships. Below is a list of upcoming Antarctica cruises.


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