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The Arctic Circle is one of the world’s most mysterious places with over 20,000 species of micro-organisms, fungi, plants and animals being recorded on the coast of the Arctic and within the sea. It’s sad to say but much of the Arctic is shrinking, both in terms of the ice and retreating glaciers. However, the good aspect to come from this is that expedition cruises can now explore deeper than ever before and this may be your chance to discover something new and exciting as you cruise across the Arctic Seas.

Arctic Cruise

Arctic cruises are for the nature savvy and for those of you that simply want to see some of the rarest sights of the world. Due to the weather conditions and the ice caps, only the most expert cruise ships can navigate these waters and Deluxe Cruises can help you get on these cruise ships by having a close relationship with the amazing cruise lines that offer Arctic cruises:


A New and Wonderful World to Explore in the Arctic

The Arctic is one of the most unforgettable places that you could ever visit on earth. The icy coastlines of the Arctic are full of nature and magnificent colours as the sun is reflected off the white sheets of ice.

One of the main reasons that people experience an Arctic cruise is to spot marine mammals at sea and have the opportunity to view some sights that so few have witnessed before you. Polar bears, migrating whales, walruses, Arctic foxes, reindeer, bearded seals, auks and puffins are just a few of the wildlife that you may encounter as you cruise through the Arctic Seas.

If you’ve seen enough wildlife, then there are archaeological sites from ancient Viking times to explore on the coasts of Greenland, in addition to a network of thermal springs and pools produced from volcanic activity.

A great appeal of Arctic cruises is that they are all on-board luxury 5 and 6 star cruises. Once you’ve had full-packed days of expeditions, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to spend the day on deck in a hot whirlpool with a glass of wine in hand.


Cruising the Arctic in the Summer

Experiencing an Arctic cruise in the summer is the best time of year if you’re looking to get up close and personal with the wildlife. During the summer months (June to August), the sun never dips from the horizon, meaning that you’ve got sun coverage 24 hours a day to gaze upon the bustling wildlife that comes to life in the Arctic summer. Half of the world’s species of coastal and seabirds live in the Arctic Circle and during the early days of summer, you can see many of these seabird species flocking to their mating grounds on the rocky cliffs.

If you’re one of the lucky few, you will see polar bears emerging from their winter caves with their cubs in tow being introduced to the snowy Arctic hills for the first time. Groups of walruses can be seen herding together on the shorelines as they battle for space to soak in the sun’s rays; you may even see a reindeer or an arctic fox on the shore.

During days at sea, keep an eye out for Bowhead whales, Grey whales, Beluga whales and even the Narwhale, also known as the Unicorn of the Sea with its long, straight and spiralled tusk. White beaked dolphins, mink, humpback whales and orca whales are all prevalent in the Arctic Seas, so you can be sure to spot many groups on your travels.


Cruising the Arctic in the Winter

Cruising the Arctic in the winter (November to February) is not for the faint-hearted as the temperatures dip dramatically and the sun never reaches the horizon, meaning you are plunged into a perpetual night. However, by cruising through the Arctic in the winter months you will set your eyes on the most beautiful light displays you will ever witness. As the white sheets of snow reflect the moonlight, you will be dazzled by the glow on the glistening ice caps. The best sight you can gaze upon is the northern lights, where striking blues, purples, pinks, lilacs and luscious greens will weave and dance together in the skies above, creating a magnificent display of light. As the Arctic skies are unpolluted, you can also see the glisten of the star lights in their full shine.


Your Arctic Expedition with Deluxe Cruises

If you want to see the beauties of the world before it’s too late, then an Arctic cruise should be at the top of your list. At Deluxe Cruises, we always endeavour to provide you with the best deals that can help bring your dream of seeing the Arctic to life. Below, you can find upcoming cruises that will visit the Arctic with itineraries perfect for all types of cruisers.


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