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A cruise around Australasia will be nothing short of perfection. Australia and New Zealand remain two of the most popular cruise destinations in the world with an abundance of ports, landscapes and culture to immerse yourself in.

Visiting Australasia is a dream come true for many as you can see miles of golden coasts and a full spectrum of colours in the water before you even set foot on land to delve deeper into the rich beauties of this famous continent.

If you’re going to go on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand, you want your days at sea to be just as spectacular as the continent of Australasia, which is why Deluxe Cruises only partners up with the most luxurious cruise lines that will make you experience the journey of a lifetime:

Luxury Australasia Cruise


Cruising in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, featuring both natural and urban beauty, making it the top destination on many peoples’ bucket lists. Many Australia cruises will be a longer duration as there is so much to explore; anything less than two weeks just simply isn’t enough.

Famous for its rainforests, reefs, beaches and diverse wildlife, an Australia cruise will ensure that you enjoy the most luxurious days. In your itinerary you can be sure to find:

  • The Great Barrier Reef – How can we start with anything else other than the world famous, Great Barrier Reef? The captivating reef is one of the most beautiful sights in the entire of earth’s history; it’s the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms and can even be seen from outer space! With over 1500 species of fish alone, a stunning galaxy of colours can swim past you, leaving you mesmerised at the greatest phenomenon in the world.
  • Perth and Australia Zoo – Much of these zoos are unique as you get to walk among the animals and even get pictures taken as you cuddle and hold some of the friendlier species. In Perth zoo, you can enjoy an Australian Bushwalk, Reptile Encounter and even the Australian Wetlands where you can learn about some of the most magnificent animals in the world. When you visit Australia zoo, you will see animal shows like nowhere else in the world as you gaze upon a trained crocodile performing tricks.
  • Sydney – Often mistaken as the capital of Australia, this famous city is rich in culture and will never disappoint. When you dock in Sydney, you’re more than likely to spend a couple of days enjoying free tours, the botanical gardens, luxurious restaurants and wipe open parks. Of course, you can’t miss the famous Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House; this magnificent city will leave you begging for more.
  • Melbourne – Within Melbourne, there is the vastest range of culture within Australia. With an amazing public transport network, you can appreciate stunning art, lively music, excellent cuisine, Federation Square, Flindler’s Street station building, St Paul’s Cathedral, the glass-covered Deakin Edge Theatre and the exquisite Royal Botanic Gardens. Melbourne has won ‘most liveable city’ many times over and Deluxe Cruises can help you discover why.


The Rugged and Wonderful Landscape of New Zealand

When people mention a cruise to Australasia, they mostly think of Australia, with the well-known phenomena of the world. However, a cruise around New Zealand is just as unforgettable with some of the most famous landscapes in the world, so famous in fact, that you will be setting foot on the same paths that Frodo and co took on the set of Lord of the Rings! But what else does New Zealand have to offer:

  • Auckland – This fabulous multicultural city is known as the ‘city of sails’ as cruise ships are often spotted circling this city to take in all the spectacular views. Being on a volcanic field, this city has one of the remaining seven ‘atmospheric theatres’ in the world. The Civic Theatre takes you back to the Golden Age as you bask upon sights of Moorish decoration and a starlit sky on the ceiling which even features projected shooting stars, a wonderful romantic backdrop. Don’t forget to book a table at the Revolving restaurant at the top of 328m Sky Tower, for breath-taking views and the perfect place if you’re planning a special occasion.
  • The Sounds Milford – The most famous fjords in New Zealand and an astonishing place to see and hear nature at its finest. Many cruises will allow you to take a kayak through the fjords as you will hear nothing but the sounds of waterfalls crashing in the water and the bustling rainforest animals coming to life.
  • Cook Islands – Halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, this paradise is home to some of the most breath-taking lagoons, filled with an expanse of marine life which you can meet up close and personal during a scuba dive.
  • Marlborough Sounds – Similarly to the Sounds Milford, you can view spectacular crashing waterfalls, sheer granite cliffs and luscious green forests during your New Zealand cruise. However, Marlborough Sounds gives you the opportunity to swim with dolphins, an experience that nearly everyone has dreamt of when they were young.


When to Cruise in Australia and New Zealand?

Australia and New Zealand are popular cruise destinations all year round as many of the areas are still warm during the winter, however, the further south you go, the more the temperatures will drop. The most popular cruising season for Australasia is when Europeans want to escape their chilling winter and bask in the summer sun the opposite side of the equator between October and March.


The Bucket List Australasia Cruise with Deluxe Cruises

By going on an Australia and New Zealand cruise, people can experience an extensive itinerary that will tick off many destinations and activities on their bucket list. At Deluxe Cruises, we recognise the magnificence that the continent of Australasia can bring and have partnered up with many luxury cruise lines that can offer these once in a lifetime cruises. View some of our upcoming Australia and New Zealand cruises below.


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