Luxury Baltic Cruises

Want to go on a cruise so rarely experienced by others? The Baltic is a cruise destination packed with historical heritage and beautiful spectacles to witness.

Filled with adventure, cruise the Baltic as you discover ports that have been the centre of Europe’s changing fortunes. The Baltic sea was commonly sailed by Viking raiders and medieval trader’s delivering goods between ports. If you want to discover how medieval times used to transport goods and the historical heritage of Europe, then a Baltic cruise is the perfect holiday for you. However, it’s not just for the history enthusiasts, the Baltic Sea is also a fantastic place to see one of the most beautiful sights in earth’s history; The Northern Lights.

To experience a luxury Baltic cruise on a cruise ship just as exquisite, then these luxury cruise lines will be a perfect choice:Luxury Baltic Cruises


What can you Experience on a Baltic Cruise?

Anyone who goes on a Baltic cruise will be more than satisfied when they arrive back home as they reminisce on the fantastic sights they get to bask upon and the intriguing adventures when docked within a port.

Depending on your cruise line and the duration of your Baltic cruise, you will have different experiences, however, many itineraries will include:

  • Northern Lights – How can you go on a Baltic cruise without basking upon the beautiful phenomenon of the Northern Lights? There are many places that you can visit on earth where you can watch this spectacle, but one of the best places is Norway, which sits in the Baltic Sea. You can watch the displays of blues, greens, pinks and purples dancing together as you dine on the deck of your cruise ship or you can view the displays during your Norway shore excursion.
  • Scandinavia – This is the place for those that love the outdoors. The chosen backdrop to many fantasy film settings, this place makes you feel like you’re in a different world. You can see the famous green fjords of Scandinavia as you’re cruising by before you dock upon the beautiful port of the northern region of Europe. On arrival, you can make friends with some gorgeous huskies before going on an exhilarating ride with them through the wilderness. With such an amazing adventure waiting for you, it can be easy to forget the famous food within Scandinavia; hearty husmanskost and nouvelle cuisine will open your taste buds like never before.
  • Architectural Delights – During your Baltic cruise, there will be no shortages of historical sights around every corner. Within Tallinn, you can tour the Medieval Old Town and the Kadriorg district, a throwback to the ancient times. Within Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, you can view pretty spires that look like they belong to a fairy-tale as you tuck into famous pastries of the world. Don’t miss chic cafés and boutiques in Stockholm, vintage trams through Helsinki, Riga’s Old Town and the imperial splendour of St. Petersburg.

Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea really are spectacular places to visit as you cruise through our oceans. It gives you the best of both worlds of enjoying relaxing days at sea and experiencing magnificent action-packed shore excursions in the famous cities and ports of Northern Europe.


When to go on a Baltic Cruise?

The Baltic Sea can be cruised all year round; however, you can best enjoy a Baltic cruise during the European summer, between May and September, when the weather is milder and the gorgeous scenery around you is blossoming.


Enjoy your Baltic Cruise with Deluxe Cruises

If you want to experience a Baltic cruise, you want a cruise ship that will give you an adventure-filled itinerary and the Baltic shouldn’t be passed by unless you just want to see the Northern Lights. Here at Deluxe Cruises, we have great relationships with a range of luxury cruise lines that offer in-depth and inclusive itineraries. View some of our upcoming Baltic cruises below.


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