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Canada, the second largest country in the world has a great deal to offer with its stunning landscapes, wildlife and heritage. And then there’s New England that offers outstanding views in the autumn months where you can see the striking colours of the autumn foliage.

Canada is known for its size, maple syrup and its Mounties, however, it has much more to offer than this, as a luxury cruise will sail around the colour drenched shores of Canada and New England, broadening your horizons with some breath-taking sights.

Here at Deluxe Cruises, we make it so simple to experience one of the best holidays of a lifetime that we can offer luxury Canada and New England cruises aboard the most prestigious of cruise lines:


Exploring the Vast Seas and Lands of Canada & New England

With Canada and New England being so large, it’s almost impossible to explore everything they have to offer, especially on a holiday. However, by going on a cruise to these beautiful lands, you have the opportunity to explore and experience much of the highlights on their lands and seas. What are the popular highlights that you can expect to experience on a cruise?

  • Vancouver Island – Vancouver is well known for its place on the new World Edition Monopoly board, in addition to it being the home of all the outdoor winter sporting activities. However, less known to the world is Vancouver Island. This gorgeous island is every nature lovers’ dream as it’s famous for its abundance of flora and fauna alike.
  • Niagara Falls – No visit to Canada is complete without viewing the spectacle that is Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls sits on the border of Ontario and the state of New York and is on the bucket list of many. Niagara Falls is the collective name for three different waterfalls and is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. By day, you can hear and see the water crashing down into the pool beneath and by night, it becomes a whole new phenomenon. Spectacular displays of multi-colours light up the water whilst fireworks are unleashed above; a scene never forgotten.
  • Winter Sports – When you think skiing, Canada is always the country that comes to mind as there’s an abundance of snowy landscapes where you can enjoy a range of brilliant winter activities.
  • European Heritage – Canada is proud to be the home of European heritage; the French found Acadia before the British established New Scotland, now known as Nova Scotia. If it’s heritage you’re after, don’t miss Notre Dame Cathedral, Old Town in Quebec City, St Lawrence Waterway, Newfoundland and Montreal which has French speaking citizens, cobbled streets, historical buildings and a rich joie-de-vivre.

Canada and New England have so much to offer that all types of cruiser can enjoy the journey.


When to Cruise Around Canada and New England?

Depending on your reasons for cruising Canada and New England, there are many different cruises throughout the year. If you desire to see the autumn foliage in New England and Nova Scotia, then the best time for these beautiful East Coast sights on a luxury cruise is in September and October. For the West Coast, the majority of cruises will be in May, September and October.

As Canada is home to many outdoor winter sports, a cruise during the Canadian winter months (December to February) can be enjoyed for those that want to experience adventure.


Your Canada and New England Cruise Experience with Deluxe Cruises

If you want to visit the second largest country in the world, there is no better way than to do it on a cruise, as this ensures that you have an itinerary that explores the highlights of Canada and New England. If you’re going to visit these remarkable places, you want a cruise ship that is just as remarkable and Deluxe Cruises can ensure that you embark on a ship that is nothing short of luxurious. View upcoming cruises to Canada and New England below.


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