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The Canary Islands are some of the most popular holiday destinations for the British as it offers all year-round sun close to home. The Canary Islands is made up of seven different islands, with the most well-known islands being Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma and the other two being Fuerteventura and El Hierro.

The Canary Islands are part of Spain, however they lie on the African Coast. They may seem like an unusual cruise destination, but each island has something unique to offer, meaning that choosing which island to visit for your holiday can be challenging. With a Canary Islands cruise, you get to visit all these fantastic islands on one holiday! There is a range of luxury cruise lines that can take you on a cruise of the canaries. These include:


A Scenic Adventure in the Canaries

If you’re someone who just wants a relaxing getaway, misses the heat of the sun in the winter months or you’re someone who loves gazing at beautiful sights, then a Canary Islands cruise could be perfect for you. Each island has something unique to offer cruisers:

  • Gran Canaria – Within Gran Canaria are the Dunes of Maspalomas; one the biggest attractions within the Canaries. These spectacular dunes were created by a tsunami from an earthquake that took place in 1755.
  • Tenerife – The perfect place to relax whilst sunbathing on a stretch of golden baked sands brought by the Sahara with palm trees as your backdrop. After a morning of enjoying the sands, there are plenty of seafood restaurants to enjoy a spot of lunch or dinner. As an activity for the day, there’s the Teide National Park to enjoy; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As Spain’s highest point, the Teide volcano is the third highest volcano in the world standing at 3718 metres tall! Depending on the time of year that you visit, you may be surrounded by an icy thin veil of fluffy snow or brightly coloured flowers which are home to many species including geckos.
  • Lanzarote – Lanzarote is home to the Timanfaya National Park which is unusually beautiful. Upon setting foot in this National Park, you’ll immediately notice that it’s almost devoid of vegetation. Instead, you will see many dark hues of reds, purples, browns, oranges and blacks from lava formations; a Canary Islands cruise will give you the opportunity to take a tour through this spectacular scenery.
  • La Gomera – The Garajonay National Park is completely different from Tenerife and Lanzarote. This National Park is home to many shades of green amongst its vegetation. What makes this National Park stand out in the Canary Islands is its unusual humid, subtropical rainforest with unique, prehistoric vegetation that is home to a variety of fauna.
  • La Palma – La Palma offers something different than the other islands of the Canaries; this island is best explored when night falls. The skies of La Palma are clear and protected, making it the perfect place to view the stars shining in the night sky. During your cruise, you may be offered a tour to gaze upon the night sky and can even get a phenomenal view from the Roque de los Muchachos observatories sitting 2.42km above sea level or from the Orchilla Lighthouse.

A cruise around the Canary Islands can be enjoyed relaxing or adventuring as the unique environments offer both.


When to go on a Cruise to the Canary Islands?

One of the best things about the Canary Islands is that it’s the perfect destination to visit all year round as there is plenty of hot sunshine and virtually no rainfall to speak of. The most popular time of year for cruises to take place in the canaries is between autumn and spring. This is because the sun isn’t unbearably hot and it’s a chance to get away from the wet, cold weather in the UK. Additionally, it’s easily accessible from the UK, making it a favourable destination for a quick getaway.


Going on your Canary Islands Cruise

Whether you want to book a last minute Canary Islands cruise or looking to plan ahead, Deluxe Cruises can help you find the perfect luxury cruise line that has an itinerary that you’ve only dreamed of. Below, you can find some of our upcoming cruises that include the Canaries as all or part of their itineraries.


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