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Central America Luxury Cruises

Central America is a region teeming with adventure, possibility and history. This vibrant stretch of coast is home to seven culturally diverse nations that offer unforgettable experiences. Joining a cruise allows you to discover a number of these places and immerse yourself in the rich landscapes of Central America. The luxury cruise lines at Deluxe Cruises that allow you to explore this glorious region include:

Central America Cruise


What can You do on a Central American Cruise?

From sandy beaches to dense tropical jungle, there is something that appeals to every passenger along a luxury Central American cruise. 

Central American Cruises for History Lovers

If you are looking for ancient history, then your stops need to include the ruins of Mayan civilizations. These remnants of the Mayan kingdom are full of wonder; the structures speak of a society that had advanced mathematics and agricultural practices. Find out more about this amazing civilization on a cruise that stops in Belize or Guatemala. 

Central American Cruises for Bucket Listers

You might be looking to visit the bucket-list destination of the Panama Canal. The man-made waterway is a feat of engineering that has allowed for the thriving trade to happen between North and South America. Known as a modern wonder of the world, the canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is a point of interest for those curious about engineering and history or for those looking to explore all Central America has to offer.

Central America Cruises for City Goers

There are also places, such as Panama City, scattered across the coast that are a vibrant hub of different cultures. The meeting of north and south creates a fun atmosphere and urban playgrounds for everyone to explore. The chaos of the busy streets, markets, food vendors and entertainment appeals to those looking for an authentic city experience. 

Central America Cruises for Relaxers

If the crowded marketplaces and busy traffic of the city is not what you’re looking for then Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras offer gateways to relaxing Caribbean beaches. Here you can unwind and relax or scuba dive and see the world underneath the water. Beneath the waves, you may find a habitat full of different species of fish or a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean lost for centuries.

Whatever kind of adventure you want to be part of you can find it on a Central American cruise. 


When to Visit Central America

There is no such thing as a bad time to visit Central America. Temperatures remain consistently high all year round. So, you can board a cruise at many different times throughout the year.  

However, for the optimum weather the best times to visit are between December and April – the dry season. This doesn’t guarantee that there will be no rain, it is just the seasonal period where the rains and storms are less likely to occur. It can also rain on the eastern side from September to October. 

National Festivals in the Central Americas

There are many national festivals that occur in Central America throughout the year that you may wish to factor into your decision on when to visit. In Panama, carnival is a celebration that occurs four days before Ash Wednesday. There is an array of events that take place including the crowning of the carnival queen, dancing and many street fairs. All as a last hurrah before Lent. 

In April, the holy week (Palm Sunday – Easter) is celebrated throughout Central America. But Antigua of Guatemala is well known for its re-enactments, colourful decorations, and vivid costumes. 

The 14th and 15th of September is Costa Rica’s Independence Day. This celebration usually consists of fantastic street fairs, traditional Costa Rican food and spectacular fireworks. 

There are also many other national festivals across Central America throughout the year that you may wish to plan into your trip. However, even without these celebrations, the wealth of history, beauty and culture makes visiting Central America at any time an exciting journey.


Luxury Central America Cruises with Deluxe Cruises

Deluxe Cruises can help your luxury Central American cruise dreams come true. Make memories that will last forever and cross off a few must-see wonders, such as the Mayan ruins and the Panama Canal. Expand your horizons and combine luxury cruising with incredible destinations. 

As previously mentioned we offer a range of luxury cruise lines which visit Central America. However, it may also be of interest to know that many cruises visit Central America as part of a route which explores other regions such as North America, South America and the Caribbean. 

See below for upcoming cruises, which will take you to a variety of destinations in Central America. 


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