Luxury Cruise in the China Region

Want a cruise that will give you plenty of stories to tell when you get back home? Then look no further, joining a cruise to China will provide you with plenty of tall tales. From spectacular monuments to superfast technology, you will visit both the ancient past and see the near future in China.


Exploring China on a Cruise

China is a vast land with different climates meaning that just visiting two different places within China can require very different packing. Offering beaches, deserts, fjords, cities and more. The 4th largest country in the world is like visiting an entire continent. Deluxe Cruises will take you there and bring you and a whole adventure back.

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Historic China 

Beijing is a city that has been evolving for over 5000 years, buildings from the Ming dynasty are intermingled with more modern establishments. Walking around this city will be like travelling through time. Across China, many historic sites show how expansive the Chinese empire was, there will always be something to see, many of which are older than some countries. 

The Great Wall is another wonder you can find in China. At 4,000 miles long it was built to keep out the Mongol hoard. But there is much more to find out about the vast structure, from how it was built to the tombs of Chinese noblemen housed within it.

Don’t forget about the terracotta army that guards their dead emperor. A few of the famous sculpted warriors are held in the ancient capital of China Xian in a special collection. Seeing these beautiful statues is something that will stay with you forever, reading about them just simply can’t communicate how incredible they are. 


Modern China

Shanghai is both Chinas and the world’s largest city. It has 20 million inhabitants, with this many people in one place, you might wonder how it functions. But China is one of the most technologically advanced countries featuring a bullet train that can reach 350km/h. Jump on one of these high-speed trains and discover other parts of the country, or you could ride the fastest el

evators in the world located in shanghai tower. Many of our luxury China cruises pass through the city of Shanghai as part of their route with plenty of opportunity for disembarking the ship and exploring its sites.


Spiritual China

China has many buddha temples where you can meditate or pay your respects. These highly spiritual temples can be used as a place to restore yourself after a long journey. Learn about the different way of life some individuals choose as monks and be humbled by the Giant Buddhas that can be found on the outskirts of cities. 


Natural China

Beyond the hustle of urban cities is the natural world teeming with life. The famous Panda is a huge attraction, unsurprising considering how cute they are. But there is also the lush greenery, mountains and waterways that can’t be missed when visiting china. The most famous of which is the Yangtze River.


The Yangtze River

This all mighty waterway features more than 7000 years of continuous civilisation ready for you to discover when travelling the river during your luxury China cruise. Some of the many sites not to be missed on the Yangtza River include:

  • Chongqing – the gateway to the China’s southwest frontier. A trip to Chongqing isn’t complete without a visit to the Stilwell Museum showcasing 1940s China, when US and Chi
    nese soldiers fought together against a common enemy.
  • Fengdu – one of the many rural villages along the Yangtze River.
  • Qutang Gorge – the shortest and narrowest of the Three Gorges. Qutang Gorge is famous for its rolling waters and climbing cliffs.
  • Wu Gorge – majestic peaks crowned by lush forests. The Wu Gorge is a magnificent site to behold.
  • Xiling Gorge – the longest of the Three Gorges; Xiling is famous for the many smaller gorges and canyons that are dotted in its banks.
  • Three Gorges Dam – The largest construction project ever undertaken, the Three Gorges Dam project sits near the middle of the Xiling Gorge and stretches over 7600 feet across the river.

These great sites and scenes can all be explored as part of a luxury cruise to China.


Discovering Chinese Cuisine on a Luxury Cruise

Aside from the wold class cuisine you will experience on board your luxury cruise, Chinese street markets are a great place to find new tantalising flavours. The street vendors will provide your taste buds with an adventure of their own. Your local Chinese will never be able to live up to the authentic Chinese food you will find throughout your China cruise. Find dishes you have never heard of, from traditional recipes to modern fusion you will find something to whet your appetite.


When to Visit China on a Cruise Holiday

The weather in China varies from city to city due to the size of the country, however, the winter months are usually cold and dry whilst the summer months are hot, humid and rainy. The monsoon season can range from May to August. Overall the best time of year to visit China is spring: April to May and autumn: September to October; this is when the most popular destinations have their most tourism-friendly weather.


Chinese National Holidays

It is also worth considering the following Chinese national holidays, as many attractions will be flooded with Chinese tourists during these festivals and holidays:

  • Labor Day Holiday – May 1st
  • Chinese National Day Holiday – October 1st
  • Chinese New Year – Late January to Early/Mid February


Luxury China Cruises with Deluxe Cruises

You will be sure to have an unforgettable cruise no matter what you choose to do or see in the China region. Have a look below at the upcoming cruises to China from Deluxe Cruises to find your perfect luxury holiday.


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