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Do you want to visit some of the world’s most beautiful historic treasures? Egypt is full of fascinating archaeologist sites and on a deluxe cruise you can enjoy visiting them on a spectacular cruise ship that is fitted with luxurious facilities for you to enjoy. The Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line is one of the best to travel on and will take you on an incredible journey through Egypt.

During your time on your luxury Egypt cruise you can soak in the culture of the country that is famous for its Pharos and pyramids. There are so many historic sites to visit, each with their own fascinating story. Egypt also offers great food and as a well-known tourist destination it has plenty to offer in terms of entertain too.   


Visiting Ancient Tombs on a Luxury Egypt Cruise

luxury Egypt cruise

Egypt has the longest recorded history, so there is more than enough history to take in while you cruise around Egypt. From the great pyramids at Giza to the churches and mosques that feature in the diverse cities you will be stunned by this beautiful country.  By taking a luxurious cruise to Egypt you can explore more historic sites than an ordinary holiday can provide.

  • Cairo – Provides a chance to see Tutankhamen’s treasures as well as the pyramids of Giza.
  • Luxor – Will lead you to The Valley of Kings and Tomb of Nobles, places still filled with mystery.
  • Mount Sinai – Is where those interested in the religious history of Egypt will find the famous Saint Catherine’s Monastery.

Luxury Egypt Cruise Ports

There are a few different ports your cruise in Egypt could stop at, from which you can travel in land to visit the country before returning to your comfy cabin.

Port Said

Also known as the gateway to the east, it is a port close to the city of Cairo. In the late 19th century this port was known for providing sailors an outlet for their vices. Now its main draw is the Suez Canal. This canal has seen much, from trade boats going all the way to India to battles during the Sinai War. With its long history and beautiful architecture, it is a must see on your luxury Egyptian cruise. It also has duty free stalls which may be of interest to those looking for souvenirs from their cruise.


A popular red sea port that is close to many cultural treasures in the city of Luxor. Safaga is practically an open-air museum with the ancient city of Thebes nearby full of temples and tombs. This is a great stop to take a shore excursion on your Egypt cruise to get an in depth look at some must see sites such as:

  • The Valley of the Kings
  • Queen Hepshetsut’s Temple
  • Karnak Temple

If you want to try out water sports this could be the place to do it as the thermal winds that blow throughout the year make it perfect for windsurfing. Your Egypt cruise will be one to remember by visiting this treasure filled port.

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh is a tourist magnet and for good reason. It is home to an open-air market place in Souk and is close to Naama Bay which offers 250 coral reefs. If you are an adventurous type why not try snorkelling or diving and explore this natural wonder full of different exotic fish. Your luxury cruise isn’t complete without those diving or snorkelling pictures. There will also be plenty of bars, restaurants and bustling nightlife around Sharm El-Shikh. At this port of call there will be little time to get bored with such an abundance of activities for you to enjoy.


When to Take a Luxury Egypt Cruise

Egypt is a country that experiences warm weather throughout the year. However, the summer months can become incredibly hot so those who do not cope well with intense heat would want to avoid the month of August at least due to ferociousness of the desert at this time. There are also several events during the year which you may wish to travel in time to see, such as:

  • March brings with it the celebration of Sham al-Naseem which marks the coming of spring. There will be dancing and musicians in the streets and lots of traditional dishes to try.
  • In June the annual rise of the Nile is celebrated. This festival sees lots of riverbank picnics.

Even without these celebrations your luxury Egyptian Cruise will be a magnificent trip that you will remember for a lifetime.


Upcoming Luxury Egypt Cruises

Most cruises that visit Egypt do so as part of several ports involving other countries of interest including:

This is the advantage of taking a cruise as you get to visit multiple countries full of culture and history in one trip.  You can find upcoming luxury cruises below that will take you to a number of travel destinations.


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