North America

North America is a immense region with limitless diversity. From the East to the West, this stimulating continent flourishes with natural wonders and manmade spectacles.

The region boasts a varied and diverse cultural heritage, with each of its fifty states having its own unique feel. Cosmopolitan cities compete with hot sandy beaches and sparkling waters, with mountains and vast deserts and a melting pot of wonderfully varied cuisine – America has it all.

You can explore the vast and varied coastlines of the USA and Canada on a cruise and discover just how different each port  and state is, from the sun and beaches of California to the wildlife and habitat of Alaska.

On the glorious West Coast, the big Californian cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco are a must to be visited, but so are stylish resorts like Santa Barbara, Monterey and the rugged features of the Oregon coast.

In the east, New York and Boston are favourites along with some of the less visited historical centre such as Charleston, America’s best-preserved colonial city, and the ports of New England are visually stunning when the autumn leaves on the trees perform their magic.

When to go:

To witness the Autumn Foliage in New England, it is really at its best in September and October. The West Coast, can be an all year round destination.


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