Get ready for something unique, exciting and iconic. Transatlantic cruising, and in particular cruises to New York, are all about romance, sophistication and class. The Atlantic can be a wild and unpredictable ocean, and equally it can be flat calm. Whatever the weather you will be rewarded with the cruising experience of a lifetime and with memories to treasure for ever.

Cunard has been crossing the Atlantic since 1840 with its distinctive black and white liners originally of the White Star Line. The Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth are reminders of the golden age of ocean travel in the first half of the 20th century. But a crucial difference is that transatlantic cruises are no longer a race as they were in the past, with awards for the fastest crossings. While the Queen Mary achieved the Atlantic crossing in four days in the 1930s, the Queen Mary 2 currently takes seven days, offering the opportunity to experience the luxury and opulence of this magical liner.

Nowadays, apart from Cunard‘s newly remastered Queen Mary 2 which operates transatlantic voyages between Southampton and New York throughout the year, there is no regular cruise ship service. However there is a need to reposition ships from one region to another, at the beginning or end of the Mediterranean season for example. These voyages can appeal to those who love of multiple relaxing, lazy days at sea.

A number of cruise lines will use this repositioning opportunity to create exciting and unusual itineraries with the northern transatlantic route offering interesting itineraries and could include Newfoundland, Iceland and Greenland in a true “Route of Vikings” journey of exploration.  Seabourn do this trip very well. A chance to witness the Northern Lights is possible on some of these itineraries. If the cruise line plans to keep its ships in the Mediterranean into October and November, it is more likely to schedule a southerly routing across the Atlantic, taking in the Canary Islands before heading to itineraries in Florida and the Caribbean.


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