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London is always the first city that springs to mind when you think of cruises in the UK. Unfortunately very few cruise ships can actually navigate the River Thames, although some smaller ships do sail from Tower Bridge and Tilbury. The biggest cruise port is Southampton but other ports include Dover, Portland and more recently Liverpool.

From these departure points, cruises typically sail around the Welsh and Northern Irish coastline, pause at Liverpool and then sail north towards Scotland’s dramatic west coast and islands off the west coast.

England’s second major city is Liverpool with its famous port and is a popular destination on cruises around the United Kingdom. This vibrant city is full of charm and has a wonderful seafaring history.

Further up on the east coast of the United Kingdom lies Edinburgh, the thriving and historic capital city of Scotland. The old town at the heart of the city is home to the major historic attractions.

Across the water in Northern Ireland, Belfast has seen a transformation in recent years from the troubles of the past into a hip capital with a selection of chic boutiques and stylish bars, eateries, as well as some classic Victorian architecture and décor.

The Republic of Ireland’s capital, Dublin, has a well-deserved reputation as a flourishing and cosmopolitan city, with its curious mix of winding cobbled streets and old buildings, modern museums and buzzing restaurants.

When to go:

Many cruises around the UK and Ireland take place over the summer months. If you are sailing during the winter months there is a chance that you might spot the Northern Lights whilst cruising around Scotland.



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