World Cruise

It is the dream of many people to take a world cruise and there is perhaps no better way to explore and discover many wonders of the world than on a luxury cruise ship.

With a world cruise you can cross vast oceans and experience different cultures, continents, countries and people. You can island hop the Pacific Islands of French Polynesia, take in the sights, sounds and smells of South East Asia and the Middle East. You can sail through modern wonders of the world – the Suez or the Panama Canals, pass the Statue of Liberty and marvel at the bright lights of New York. Sail under the magnificent San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge or cruise into Sydney Harbour – and so much much more. The list is endless and the experience once-in-a-lifetime.

A whole world cruise can be upwards of 110 days long, but if you cannot get away for that length of time, then perhaps the answer is to join the cruise for one of the world cruise sectors. You can fly out to a chosen destination and join the voyage for a shorter period, anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, and then fly home at the end. If you join at the start or the end of the world itinerary you can avoid flying either out or back.  For sectors that start and end abroad, such as San Francisco or Hong Kong to Sydney, it gives you the chance to book hotel stays at the start and end of your holiday, thus helping to ease the effects of jet lag, and allowing time to enjoy the sights of these exciting cities.


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