Seabourn named Seabourn Pursuit in a unique and historic expedition naming ceremony at Ngula Jar Island, Australia, on June 29, 2024. With guests on Zodiacs alongside the ship and the ship’s onboard team lined up on the decks, the Wunambal Gaambera Traditional Owners named Seabourn Pursuit, marking the first time Traditional Owners named a ship. 

The day-long celebration and naming ceremony were thoughtfully planned to honor Wunambal Gaambera Country and people and the Kimberley region. Throughout the day, guests could immerse themselves in Aboriginal culture and history. 

Guests took part in a remarkable Wunambal Gaambera welcome and smoking ceremony, “jimɨrri,” to welcome guests to the country and bid them safe travels. 

Afterwards, the “Junba,” a traditional story-telling song and dance, was performed by Wunambal Gaambera Traditional Owners, who were painted in ochre. 

Seabourn and Wunambal Gaambera Traditional Owners also exchanged gifts to celebrate their new relationship.

In addition, Seabourn guests Vince and Jane Roig, who have sailed on every inaugural voyage on the current seven-ship fleet, presented the Traditional Owners with a symbolic gift of art supplies as a token of appreciation for this new partnership.

Seabourn used a specially made bottle crafted from sugar and coated with sand from Ngula, Jar Island, to celebrate further and show respect to the land.

In keeping with time-honoured maritime tradition, guests and crew members on board and in the Zodiacs cheered and celebrated the moment the bottle broke on the ship’s bow.

We truly believe in the transformative power of travel.

Our relationship with Wunambal Gaambera serves as a symbolic gesture of stewardship and responsibility toward the environment and the communities that Seabourn visits.

Seabourn Pursuit
Posted on: 04/07/2024