The construction of Silver Muse is right on course as two major shipbuilding milestones were reached earlier this month.

The first, the symbolic welding of a coin to the hull of the ship to signify good luck both during the build and to the passengers and crew during her travels was surpassed as Silversea chose to weld not one, as per maritime tradition but eight coins to the ship. Seven coins – a South African Rand, an Australian Dollar, a U. S. Half Dollar, a Brazilian Real, an Italian Euro, a Singaporean Dollar and an Antarctica Trust coin represented the seven continents that Silversea sails to. Additionally, a solid silver commemorative coin, specifically created and minted for the event, was also included to celebrate her construction.

The second milestone was the placing of the hull. This marks the beginning of the creation of Silver Muse into the beautiful flagship she will become. Enzo Visone, CEO of Silversea said of the event, “the laying of the keel will see Silver Muse developing into the most beautiful ship that has ever graced the oceans”.

Posted on: 31/12/2015