Deluxe Cruises is pleased to announce that it has today won the prestigious Silversea award for Outstanding Performance in 2010.  The award was presented by Jonathan Knight, Regional Sales manager for Silversea who commented:

Silversea Award being presented by Jonathan Knight

I am delighted to present this award to Deluxe Cruises for their outstanding performance and hard work in promoting Silversea cruises during the year.  Everyone at Silversea appreciates the effort and dedication of the team at Deluxe Cruises.  Thank you and well done.

Responding to Jon, Lesley Monk, proprietor of Deluxe Cruises thanked Jon and said:

This has been a team effort and one which we are all proud of.  Our passion for providing the highest levels of customer service together with in depth product knowledge, training and focus on the Ultra Luxury sector of the Cruise market have all been key in winning the award.  I would like to thank Silversea for the support they give to us at Deluxe.

The Deluxe Cruises Team with Jonathan Knight
Posted on: 12/10/2010