We have all been waiting for the cruise lines to return o sailing, and we are now receiving some really positive feedback from guests who are actually sailing.  

We have just received this feedback from Deluxe Cruises guests Mr & Mrs B from Ferndown and their experience on the Seabourn Ovation.

  • The cruise has been excellent.
  • Boarding was a total joy the staff were so pleased to see us. Especially to ones we knew.
  • The crew are tested weekly, guests tested before allowed to join ship then weekly.
  • Guests don’t have to wear masks on board. Seabourn only ship Greek Gov have allowed to do this.
  • Second-night fireworks to celebrate cruising again. All Seabourn top team on board.
  • Emotional day afterwards as we sailed by the rest of the Seabourn fleet outside Odyssey. A special moment for crew and guests.
  • Feel safer on this ship than we will in the UK. We know everyone has been tested in the last 7 days and all have had 2 vaccinations.
  • Dinner with one of the Doc’s two nights ago. Very reassuring the measures they have in place if someone proves positive. There are 3 full ICU beds on board 2 doctors and 3 nurses.
  • Life onboard is very similar to pre covid. Getting off is masks and being careful. Allowed off the ship to walk around and go on excursions
  • Would we be happy to be on another Seabourn Cruise, a definite yes.
  • Only frustration…..: UK goverment and forms to fill in to fly and quarantine as we get back today’s before rules relaxed.

Posted on: 19/07/2021