The launch of the new Deluxe Cruises website has been heralded as a big step forward in helping visitors to choose the right Luxury Cruise from the myriad of options available. With stunning images of worldwide destinations and details of the Cruise Lines represented by Deluxe Cruises, the site is simple to navigate and provides quick and easy ways to view cruises. Additional information on individual ships is also available to help guide visitors through the huge number of choices available.

John Delaney, President of Windstar Cruises, sent his congratulations to Deluxe Cruises on the launch of their beautiful new website in this short video message.

John Delaney – President of Windstar Cruises from South Coast Web Design Ltd on Vimeo.

Commenting on his experience over the last 8 years of working with Deluxe Cruises, John said simply “There is no one better in the business. Lesley and her team take incredible care and no one works harder to make sure that guests have the perfect experience every time”.

Windstar Cruises have been selected as the Deluxe Cruises choice of “Featured Cruise Line” for the website launch.

Posted on: 06/03/2019