At the prestigious annual Deluxe Cruises Christmas Party held for loyal clients of Seabourn, attended by John Delaney, Seabourn’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Lynn Narraway, UK Managing Director for Seabourn, guests were given an early Christmas present with exclusive preview of renderings of the new, yet to be named, Seabourn Ships. John also received his annual Christmas present from Deluxe Cruises.

John Delaney receives his Christmas present from Deluxe Cruises
John Delaney receives his Christmas present from Deluxe Cruises


















A number of detailed images were presented by John Delaney showing the new layouts for the public areas and restaurants which included:

Deluxe Cruises is pleased to exclusively provide the following advance information regarding the new ships:

  • The first new luxury vessel will go on sale from 2nd March 2015 and guests can now pre-register for this voyage with Deluxe Cruises.
  • The inaugural voyage is expected to take place in November 2016
  • The Layout will be the same as the current Odyssey-class, but it will include one extra deck and will be All-Veranda suite ships.
  • The Seabourn Square will feature more finger food, extra seating and it will include an oven offering a wider variety of food options to guests. The Square will continue to act as the hub of the ship, similarly to the current Seabourn ships where guests can enjoy after-dinner coffee.
  • The ships will feature beautiful wine displays throughout, a larger colonnade restaurant, an expanded and enhanced patio grill, a lounge area in a new alternative dining room and a superb atrium feel to the centre of the main restaurant.
  • The ships will be small enough in size to access the smaller cruise terminal in Venice.

Passengers who traveled on the maiden voyages for Seabourn Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest will receive priority booking for the maiden voyage followed by Diamond members who have traveled for over 500 days with Seabourn. We will continually update our web site with information as we receive it.

Posted on: 15/12/2014