The Grill by Thomas Keller is now open for online reservations for guests on any Seabourn Quest sailing beginning May 21, 2016.

The Grill focuses on updated versions of iconic dishes. In The Grill’s elegant dining room, guests will be treated to Caesar salad and ice cream sundaes, classics from the American chophouse, as well as a range of other steakhouse favorites like Lobster Thermidor and creamed spinach. The timeless menu will draw on many artisan purveyors. A cocktail program and wine list of domestic and old world labels will complement the menu.

The Restaurant by Thomas KellerCurrently available for booking on Seabourn Quest, this experience will be launched across the entire fleet, including our two new ships, Seabourn Encore debuting this December and Seabourn Ovation launching in early spring 2018.

Please be aware there is limited availability online, as the ship’s crew will still be handling most reservations once guests are on board.

FAQ’s About Making Reservations for The Grill

How many online reservations can I make per sailing?
You can make one online reservation per sailing. The online reservation system will not allow you to make any additional reservations once you have requested a date and time.

Can I eat at The Grill multiple times during my voyage?
Just like at Restaurant 2, you will get one reservation during your cruise. We want to make sure that every guest gets the opportunity to enjoy The Grill. If you are booked on an Extended Exploration or Combination Cruise, you may dine at The Grill more than once. However, you will still only be able to make one online dining reservation ahead of time. You will need to work with the ship staff to find availability for any additional nights during a longer voyage.

Can reservations be made for a group of people?
Yes, depending on availability. Guests can make reservations for up to six people through the online reservations system. Each booking can make an online reservation. If traveling companions each make a reservation online for all traveling parties, you will be asked to select one specific date and time once onboard. Again, we want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy this restaurant.

What is the official first date an online reservation can be made for?
Reservations can be made for any Seabourn Quest sailing dates on, or after, Saturday May 21, 2016.

What happens if there is not enough availability during the time I want?
If your date and time are not available, you will get a message stating the reservation could not be processed. If you specifically want that date and time, we suggest you try again when onboard the ship.

How can a reservation be canceled?
You will not be able to cancel a reservation online. You will need to call Seabourn Reservations to cancel an online dining reservation.

What if I want to make changes to my reservation?
You will not be able to make any changes to a reservation online. Any changes or cancellations will need to be handled by Seabourn Reservations.

Is there any charge to eat at The Grill?
No, in keeping with all-inclusive rates, there is no charge to eat at The Grill.

Don’t wait if you are already booked on a Seabourn Quest cruise beginning May 21 or later—reserve a table today by going to the booked guest section of! For more information, please contact a travel professional, call Seabourn at (800) 929-9391 or visit

Posted on: 17/05/2016