Seabourn is currently in the process of finalizing all required COVID-19 protocols for guests. The measures being planned can be reviewed here—which are subject to change as further details are established. The guest protocols will be updated as necessary in accordance with guidance from public health authorities.

It’s important to note that moving forward, no later than 24 hours prior to sailing, each adult guest will be required to complete a Health Questionnaire, review and accept the Seabourn Cruise Contract (which now includes provisions specific to COVID-19 and guest protocols) and review and accept our COVID-19 Risk Acceptance document.

Guests who do not accept the documents will not be permitted to sail.

These documents are legally binding, which means the legal disclaimers contained in these documents clients are required to accept these directly themselves. For your reference, the new documents can be reviewed here:
Cruise Contract
COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgement and Notification

Seabourn anticipate these documents will be available in the coming weeks. The documents will also be available on, under Booked Guests/Online Guest Registration, and booked guests should be encouraged to review them prior to finalizing a booking.

Due to the ever-evolving landscape over issues concerning health, safety, and security, and to mitigate any complications for your client prior to their cruise, we also require that you include your email address when making a Seabourn booking so that guest can be encouraged to accept the required documents prior to their travel to the port, if necessary.



Q: I already have an active booking and already accepted the Cruise Contract. Will I need to accept these new documents again?

A: Yes, each guest will be required to accept these new documents. Guests who do not accept the documents will not be permitted to sail. Guests will also be required to accept the COVID-19 Risk Acceptance document. Both documents are available on the Seabourn website for review prior to the completion of their booking.

Q: Why are you introducing the COVID-19 Risk Acceptance document?
A: While Seabourn is implementing a series of comprehensive COVID-19 protocols to mitigate the risk of the virus onboard and/or its spread, the COVID-19 Risk Acceptance is a vehicle for effectively communicating potential risk to guests, as guided by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Similarly, other recreational activities including, but not limited to, live sporting events, scuba diving, or other activities also typically require acceptance about possible risk in their own terms and conditions, in advance.

Posted on: 01/06/2021