Seabourn has announced a new Champagne partnership that will see Montaudon Brut available across all its ships by the end of this summer season.

‘Our clientele is extremely well-traveled, and they certainly appreciate quality wine and Champagne. Montaudon Brut will be a welcome surprise as we aim to enhance as well as broaden the palates of our guests,’ said Gerald Mosslinger, VP hotel operations for Seabourn.

Full-bodied and fruity

A full-bodied and fruity Champagne, Montaudon Brut is a blend of 40% pinot noir, 35% pinot meunier and 25% chardonnay that is cellar-aged for two years. The flavor profile is refreshing on the nose with notes of green apples, toast and lime with a hint of iodine, giving way to notes of cherries, strawberries and peppermint. A luscious sensation of white fruit develops on the palate, with a spicy finish and a menthol aromatic aftertaste.

40 complimentary wines

Every Seabourn ship departs on a journey with 40 labels that form part of its complimentary wine list, among thousands of bottles stored in the cellar. The selection often grows as a voyage progresses when Seabourn sommeliers go in search of local wines at ports in notable wine regions.

The staff also records guests’ feedback to plan inventory for future voyages.

Thomas Keller opens Napa doors

Over three decades, Seabourn has built relationships with vineyards that enable it to access low-allocation wines available to guests for an additional charge. Mosslinger pointed to connections fostered by the line’s ongoing partnership with chef Thomas Keller, which has opened doors to Napa Valley vineyards, and highly allocated Washington state wines that otherwise are distributed exclusively via a mailing list.

‘These are wines guests won’t be able to find at a wine shop, and certainly not on the ocean,’ Mosslinger said, noting that Seabourn sources not only Old and New World wines with worldwide recognition, but also bottles from small vintners with distinctive terroir.

Posted on: 31/07/2019