Norway-based SeaDream Yacht Club has announced additional sailings on its second ship to meet the rising demand in Norway.

These images were taken just recently after the SeadDream start in Norway.

The operator announced nine new Norwegian voyages on only one ship, SeaDream I, earlier in June. However, due to high demand, it has added sailings on SeaDream II.

Currently, there are 21 scheduled voyages being offered by SeaDream in Norway.

SeaDream I will sail past the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands in 12-day voyages and passengers will be able to embark and disembark in Oslo and Tromsø.
Passengers on SeaDream II will be able to embark and disembark in Oslo and Bergen with seven-day voyages.

SeaDream CEO Andreas Brynestad said:

“It has been a very exciting time for our company after pausing sailings in March. We are very happy to see this high demand for our new Norwegian voyages. Our phones have been ringing off the hook from 8 am to midnight with booking requests since the Norwegian voyages were announced.

“We want to thank our guests for their loyalty and support. We know that many people have been hungry for travel and our small yachts are exactly what they are looking for when planning an unforgettable escape.”

Posted on: 23/06/2020