Silversea Cruises is privileged to announce that they have taken delivery of their first-ever destination-specific ship, Silver Origin, from Dutch shipyard De Hoop. An intimate ceremony, held on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, marked the first in-person ship delivery in the industry since the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a global lockdown.

The fact that this small shipyard in the Netherlands managed to complete the ship under incredible circumstances is proof of human resilience, determination and fine European craftsmanship, characteristics which are at the soul of Silversea.

Silver Origin will soon sail to Ecuador and on to her new, permanent home in the Galapagos Islands, where she will sail year-round to unlock the charms of this unique destination in utmost luxury and comfort. With this mission in mind, we have leveraged on the knowledge acquired during many years operating our award-winning service in the archipelago. Every element of the ship has been designed with the destination in mind and tailored to enhance the experience for travellers while fostering a deep sense of respect for this magnificent ecosystem and everything that inhabits it.


Posted on: 08/06/2020